Ben (19 months) is sleeping, Matthew (3) is killing his own guys, not sure about that one. Joe (8) and Gabe (5) are playing some board game that consists of killing troops and taking over the world. Kait (11) is sitting with her 10 year old cousin giving her a lesson in website construction – being that Kait has constructed many webpages, including designing eBay when she was 3 – she knows everything about website building, satellite and shuttle operations, and everything else, being that she is coming into that all knowing kid stage. The pre-teen years.

I have just taken a break from piddling around the house kinda doing chores – laundry, dishes, and stuff. My adventures as mom of this home have brought me great gifts. I get tons of hugs, smiles from happy kids, and gifts from my Elite dryer.
Let me explain.
One would be happy to find money in the dryer on a regular basis. Whenever I find money in the dryer I feel like I’ve actually been paid to do a chore. However, money is poo compared to what I have had the pleasure of uncovering as I emptied the dryer today.

It was a old and rusty belt buckle. It did not originate in this house. We have no idea where it came from, but what a joy, none-the-less. I am sure if we cleaned the 100 year old rust off of it we might find something worth, say, a moldy raisin ~ which is better than a kick in the head!

All our boys are denying that they found and left a belt buckle in their pocket, though we are pretty sure we know how this treasure ended up as part of our Elite gift basket (we toss all our dryer gifts into a basket on top of the dryer). As we have mentioned before, we have 4 boys. They are the delight of our lives.


These little guys spend hours on back yard excavation and we live in a 100 year old house. They aren’t looking for rusty belt buckles, those are just perks. They hunt specifically for bones. My daughter and I find this completely gross but my boys are facinated with animal femurs and such and have collected a growing number of them. They are neatly displayed on a shelf in their room, where occasionally they jump off, roll across the room and hobble up the stairs to my kitchen floor, because, of course, none of my boys would ever do such a thing as break the rules and carry them around dropping them places…but that is another story.

So, we feel it is a safe bet to guess that it is probably one of the boys, while excavating, happened to sit down beside said belt buckle and it somehow fell into their pocket without them knowing.

Hmmm – that would actually explain a lot.

I guess maybe one of these days I should teach my daughter (and train myself) to start checking pockets before we wash clothes. But the draw back of that would be that we might miss out on the next gift – maybe it will be something really worth saving.

Like a rock in the shape of a rock.

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