There are very few things that bother me more than being in the car.
Being in the car for 5 hours when I’m 37 weeks pregnant is definitely worse though.
And children vomiting in the middle of the night.

No, we have no vomiters right now, but if we did I’d probably rather be in the car.

I think.

Right now we are coming down to the tail end of a 5 hour car ride and I just want to be done RIGHTNOW!

But we still have some 20 miles to go and I’m feeling quite impatient.
Part of this is because I have to pee really bad. The other part is that I just really, really detest car rides.

I tried closing my eyes and clicking my heels. We’re still in the car.
And my behind is screaming at me to get off it already!

I don’t sound whiny do I? I hate sounding whiny.

But not as much as I hate being in the car.
Hate is a strong word, I know. I’m only using it because I really mean it.

Jesse started crying. This means I will possibly be playing peekaboo for the next 20 minutes.

Because listening to a crying child when I’m in the car at 37 weeks pregnant when I have to pee and my behind hurts will likely send me over the edge.

Where’s Jesse?
AH! There he is!

Yeah, this is going to get really old really fast.

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