Last night a good friend of mine had her 5th baby boy and he’s very cute and all kinds of squishy looking.  She was a week overdue so it was about time.  My due date was two days after hers so I guess it’s my turn now.

And that brings me to this little secret.  I’m still pregnant.

On Sunday and Monday I was sure I was in a slow labor.  Pain was pretty intense and some of the contractions were 3 or 4  minutes apart so I called the midwife, she checked me out, and said I was only 2 cm and the baby was slightly posterior.  I’ve had a posterior baby before and I knew this could cause great pain and also cause labor to take forever and may require medical intervention and did I mention how badly it hurts to labor with a posterior baby?
I didn’t want that again.

So I asked Google what exercises were best to get baby to finish turning and I did them right away.  The relief was immediate, within 10 seconds of the first exercise I tried, and the contractions became more regular, but they were spaced much further apart, staying at an average of 18 minutes apart for the last 2 days.

I had an appointment today and didn’t expect much change because my contractions haven’t been closing in at all so imagine my surpreese when my midwife said I was closer to 5 cm now, and Baby has turned the rest of the way.

So to conclude…
Not much pain, dilating nicely, baby is in the optimal birthing position…

I guess today could be the day but I’m still thinking it might be tomorrow or Friday.  It’s odd because it just doesn’t feel like much is happening.

The kids are making me nuts.  They are so impatient for the baby to be born and I’m feeling unusually peaceful about when the baby comes and we’re clashing a little.  It’s kind of cute in an annoying way.  I’m really happy about their excitement but if I don’t have the baby soon I think they might stage some kind of coup.  As if they could really establish any control over the situation, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try.

I’ll update with progress, or lack there of later.

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