Ryan was home for only a half hour or so yesterday when he commented that things are weird around here today.

And the day wasn’t over yet.

Hardly anybody ate their dinner.  It was spaghetti.  The same spaghetti that my boys usually devour.  But nobody was interested in eating. With 6 boys in the house we usually go through food like a family with 6 boys in the house.  But last night it was more like a family of 2 boys. And a dog.
And, Sharpie.  Everywhere.  Which involved two bottles of rubbing alcohol, and my carpet cleaner.
Kait’s carpet now looks very, very clean.  And smells like a doctor’s office.
Then there was the bickering.  The kids were in rare form and seemed to be completely annoyed with each other for much of the day. 

Things were definitely off.

I was finishing up with the carpet cleaner, dumping the waste container when Jesse started saying something unintelligible.
Apparently he had to poop really bad. So he did. He’s potty training.  Accidents aren’t unexpected.
Kait picked him up and stuck him in the tub to contain him while I finished with the carpet cleaner.

As soon as Jesse’s feet hit the tub bottom he completely flipped out.

The water wasn’t on yet in the tub. Besides, he loves baths.  Even asks for them numerous times on a daily basis.
And there is no ceiling fan in the bathroom.
Ryan heard the commotion and thought Jesse was hurt. But he wasn’t.

It was weird.

My energy well is not an everlasting stream. And since it was just about tapped out I asked the older boys to please help pick up Jesse’s room so I could put him to bed. They happily assisted. But when I went in there with a freshly bathed Jesse, Ben(6) was sitting in the middle of the floor crying because something smelled bad.

He was obviously excessively tired so I told him to go on to bed. To which he respectfully protested, then promptly fell asleep.

And Sam asked for permission to go to bed. Jesse protested the fan once again. Sam fell asleep through the ordeal.
The boy can sleep through anything.

Then Matthew fell asleep on his bedroom floor, which is normal for him, but woke up crying at a quarter till ten because he didn’t get to play video games.

Video games?

This was how our entire day went yesterday. From the time we woke until the time we went to bed everybody was off. Lots of arguing with each other. Lots of disobedience. Lots of corrections. Lots of small but unusual situations.
Could it be the change in weather? It was a cool 57 with thunderstorms all day long, which was 15 degrees cooler than it has been.

Or maybe it was something they ate.
Or maybe they are just bored.
Or maybe I’ve just been less attentive to them this past week.

No matter what the reason was…

It was a weird day.

I think everybody just needs a day of rest.  Or maybe I just need a day of rest.  Or a day of shopping with somebody else’s money.
I don’t have anybody else’s money though, so movies and relaxation will have to do. We’re calling in a sick day. 

Or even better…..
Maybe we could call in a have-a-baby day!
Eyes on the prize, Gals.  Eyes on the prize.

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