I want to say in advance that I’m not so much complaining here as I am expressing my disappointment at the current state of the medical community in our country.

I’m 20+ weeks pregnant. 

My doctor, the practice that came highly recommended as one of the most natural OBs in the area, just kicked me out of their practice because I wanted to delay a specific, very personal part of my physical, and just combine it with another personal exam they will want to complete around 37 weeks. This particular exam is a procedure I believe is widely over performed anyway.

So they said in so many words (and I’m paraphrasing here), “We can’t know you if we can’t complete this exam right now.  You have two options.  Have it done within the week, or don’t come back.”
That wasn’t the extent of our conversation, which lasted around 20 minutes or so. 

I’m just going to say something here.  This was the third doctor in the last 2 years who has bold faced lied to me to try to get me to take a medicine or have a test done.  Is the general population really so gullible?  I just wonder how these docs get away with it.


Our society views pregnancy and child birth in a very negative light.  As soon as you find out you’re pregnant you need test after test after test.  This particular doctor made comments that led me believe that she doesn’t think the average woman is capable of carrying a baby to term successfully without tests and exams done. 

I made the comment that the world has managed to populate itself just fine, and stay fairly healthy too, without the progressive medicine we have today.

She actually disagreed with me.

Then how did we all get here, I wonder?

I don’t want to knock her important job, I do believe that doctors are a gift, and I completely believe she has the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason (a little libertarian in me, I guess). However, I am dismayed at the attitude she showed towards women and pregnancy.  All of her technical knowledge has misshapen her view towards things.
And the fact that she was willing to lie to get me to do what she wanted…
 Well that’s just unethical and immoral. I can’t have an untrustworthy doctor deliver my baby.

So, now I’m at 20 weeks pregnant without a doctor.  I’m making contact with other OBs, but haven’t had any of my messages returned. 
The only midwives in this area who don’t practice directly under a doctor are not covered by Tricare.  That’s a bummer –  Fruitful Vine is a Christian midwifery group with one of my most cherished Bible verses right on their front page.  Wish we had planned our finances out better.

I’m frustrated.  A little stressed. 
And I’m really tired.

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