Don’t I love my little 19 month old. He is completely adorable, smart, and so funny to watch. We laugh a lot at his antics. Watching him grow and learn new things has me fascinated.

Ben is a curious being. He loves to look inside things, tear other things apart, empty cupboards, dump out bags of bread, test dogfood and pet water temperature, the list could go on and on. One of his favorite events is his daily trash can adventure. This event has been passed down from child to child since our first baby. Usually he tosses scraps of paper or magazines he has destroyed previously in the day. Occasionally he scraps something more significant, like a DVD or a leather glove and we suspect he has gotten rid of many dishes in the past as well. Today, however, Ben managed to really step up his trash throwing excersize. This one is a new family baby trash can olymics record!

Today I found one of Ben’s Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and two inserts on the floor in front of the trash can. I wondered about it, then thought that maybe they had been dropped when the freshly cleaned diapers had been brought up from the laundry room earlier. I picked it up and went into the dining room where the rest of the cloth diapers had been waiting to be stuffed and put away.

The diapers were not there.

I marched right over to the trash can, knowing exactly what I would find. There, under the wooden trash can lid, sat more than $150 in Fuzzi Bunz, Rumpsters, and inserts, topped with a nice green and yellow pacifier, my wrist brace, and some tomato pieces.

I can see him wanting to get rid of his diapers. He likes to not have them on and we are thinking he might potty train early because of it. It is the pacifier I am wondering about. We have been in the process of “not” taking the pacifier away. He only gets it at night but it is essential to his night time ritual to have the pacifier snuggly in his mouth. Every night I give it to him and say “Sleep well, Ben, and enjoy your pacifier. I will most likely trash it in the morning.” Maybe he is just sick of hearing it that he decided he would rather just be done with it. I don’t know. He is such a silly kid.

I did take it out and clean it thoroughly. I am not sure if I am ready to deal with him not being a baby anymore. He stopped nursing months ago, which affected me much more than it effected him. He is starting to drink out of a regular cup and eat with a spoon. I just cannot handle all this “growing up” he is doing!

Anyway, I guess it is time to get rid of the pacifier, once and for all. I will go ahead and tell him tonight when I put him to bed. “Sleep well, Ben, and enjoy your pacifier. I will most likely trash it in the morning”.

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