It has been a really rough two weeks.

Like I had mentioned in a previous post, the kids came down with some rotten colds and while I’m a big proponent of letting a fever run it’s course I found myself administering ibuprofen at night, all night, just so we could all get some sleep.  And then, just as the littles were getting better I got sick and I have now been ill for two weeks.  The doctor said he thought I had strep throat and didn’t see the need to test for it, but just started me on a round of antibiotics.  After two days I felt so much better but my cough is still in my chest and keeps me up at night.  I have another appointment tomorrow so we’ll see what they say about that.  I know coughs can take a while to get over.

Okay.  I’m finished complaining now because this is just some of what I have to be thankful of in the mornings around here.



These little girls are 2 and 4 and they are just about the funniest things ever.  They were making the silliest faces at each other but I didn’t catch the best of them because Maggie stops whatever she is doing if you point a camera at her.  She is a ham, but likes to look directly at the camera.

I did get this silly one though


Lucy is much more dignified, but being almost 5 can do that to a girl I guess.

Here is another 3D ultrasound picture of Laney from last week.


I realize her face looks smashed on one side but it really isn’t.  It was just the way she was laying and rolling at the time of the pictures.  I’ve noticed that 3D ultrasounds are a cross between very, very cool and very, very creepy.
I wish we had gotten pictures of her hair, which would appear she has in great abundance already.

My polyhydramnios has crossed over into severe territory and has to be monitored weekly right now. It’s annoying but really isn’t causing any problems and the benefit of having way too much amniotic fluid is awesome 3D pictures.  All the techs seem to love me because it’s very easy to get good pictures.

And her lips – OH MY GOODNESS.

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