This morning, I opened up my brand new, fresh, clean planner to the first page.  I pulled out my new B3 Aviator multifunction pen (AKA best pen ever) and sat, almost giddy (but not actually giddy because I don’t do that), at the newness of the everything, as if the change from last night to this morning truly reset and cleansed everything.

Because it did, people. Everybody knows that.

January 1, 2017 my theme for the year was run. I had gotten a new pair of running shoes and a Fitbit for Christmas and my goal was to run more regularly instead of in the fits and spurts of past years. Honestly though, what I was really doing was trying to run away from 2016.

2016 was my hardest year. 2016 flipped me upside down, dangled me off the side of a very tall building, and generally just kicked my arse. I learned a lot in 2016 but it was incredibly painful and all I wanted was for it to be over and to never do that again. Then, in 2017, God healed me. Yes, it was a wild ride of a year but it was a really, really good year for me. For us. The best year in possibly ever so, honestly, I don’t really want or need a clean slate.

But a brand new planner…  I do love a brand new planner. Even though I realized that I have nothing to write in it yet.

This year my word is minimalism. It was going to be sanity but I think we can all agree that would have ended in complete failure.

I use to be good at tossing everything but sometime in the last 4 years that changed and I feel like I am wading through junk every single day. And it doesn’t just clog my physical space, it also clogs my mind and I can’t think and I can’t plan. I was talking to Rabbit about it the other night and I think I stopped tossing things because I realized that my older children didn’t necessarily appreciate me giving everything away. Like the cheap drawstring bag one of them got from football camp. Or the toaster.

It’s a difficult line to walk, teaching my children that an abundance of things tends to depreciate everything, while at the same time, appreciating that they are their own people and may value things differently than I.

This year I am going to figure it out. I’m going to worry less about the repercussions of tossing the half broken waffle maker.  I’m going to hang more artwork and pictures on the walls. Try to go on more outings together as a family. Try to read more to my kids.
And can somebody please convince my husband that we don’t need to keep a broken TV?

It’s 2018, people. Let’s get this year started.

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