I wasn’t all that interested in the eclipse, to be honest. I was born with a defective awe gene and most things that make others stand beside themselves in wonder won’t even get me on my feet.  I felt this way all these months leading up to our planned eclipse trip to Moncks Corner, SC.  I was excited to see my family but it was my children and husband who were all about the eclipse.

But that all changed in the span of about 3 minutes this afternoon.

My mom came over to my sister’s house. She had bought cookies and called them different names like moon cookies and sun cakes. She had done an eclipse project last night with all the kids to prepare them for what to expect and then today before the eclipse she did a viewing tutorial with them teaching them how to use their glasses and keep their eyes safe. She handed out the spectacles and the kids ran around with them like it was the apocalypse and then we collected them back up because that wasn’t the greatest idea we have ever had.

We still had more than an hour before the eclipse so my brother said I should have his car.

The people in the background, Aunt Naomi, Mom, and my sister, all thought I should have his car too and, as you can see, they are very happy about it but alas, we were all mistaken because Matt said I should drive his car, not have it so there was a little disappointment.

Anyway, no matter how hard Rabbit tried to keep it from happening, I got to drive this gorgeous blue Tesla and it was a most remarkable experience and, people, I really, really feel like there could be an X in my future. Just look how good this S and I look together.

When we got back it had become so cloudy and stormy and Matt and Joe were freaking out like Chicken Little because the eclipse was coming, THE ECLIPSE WAS COMING, and we wouldn’t be able to see it while it was pouring rain. I felt a twinge of disappointment for Joe because he was so excited but what can you do?

Well, apparently you can drive all over Moncks Corner looking for blue sky like storm chasers (or what’s the opposite of storm chasers?) and it was one of the most entertaining experiences.  All 24 of us jumped in our vehicles and set off in a caravan chasing the sun. My brother and Joe were leading the way in the Tesla and they were hilariously intense about the whole thing, calling everybody in the group with updates and suggestions about where to turn and what direction to go and we only have 11 minutes will we even make it in time and I think I see blue sky over that way!

And we did make it, thanks to the efforts of my brother and my son, who both really, really, really, really, really wanted to see the moon blot out the sun for 3 minutes.

So we got out of our cars on the side of the road and put on our glasses and I hovered over my younger children so much, certain that everybody was going to go blind, that I accidentally looked at the eclipse without my glasses. It was brief and apparently not long enough to cause me to lose my vision but I spent the rest of today waiting for my sight to suddenly vanish.

My mom passed out eclipse gum because she knows how to make things extra fun for the kids and we all watched as the moon swallowed up the sun until the only evidence that it was daytime was the orange ring of fire that poured out from around the moon.

I got my eclipse selfie, even though it really did not do the event any justice because I am no good at these things but I was there and I saw totality.

And, guess what guys. It was amazing. Seriously amazing. What I thought would be a cool, but somewhat boring event turned out to be one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen.

The entire day was perfect. Driving the Tesla, chasing the sun, seeing the total eclipse with my family – minus Kait and Vince and Nina who all had to work 🙁 …

And then Matt had Joe jump into the driver seat and let him drive the Tesla for a bit before he took off for home.

It was a very good day.

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