Glow Dome_SMWe’ve always been particularly fond of Crayola.  Their products are numerous in number, generally good in quality, and their crayons come in an unbelievable array of vivid colors and have paper covers that shred nicely and fall to the ground gracefully, as you can plainly observe anytime my kids get a new box of crayons.

So, when Crayola offered to send me 3 of their products for me to review I was more than excited.  Free stuff?  From a company I know and trust?


When the box arrived from My Blog Spark I was surprised at how big it was and was drooling to rip into it right away.  However, I set it aside to get into later, knowing that if we opened it then and there my kids wouldn’t get anything else done for the rest of the day. So, despite my overwhelming desire to dig in and play, I waited.

It was after the youngest went to bed that the rest of my kids and I decided to find out just what treasures were hiding in that giant brown box.  After digging through the tons of packing paper we found the three expected gifts. 

  • Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song
  • Crayola Glow Station
  • Crayola Glow Dome

Gift #1:
Glow Station_SM
The first one my kids wanted to open was the Glow Station.  I didn’t blame them – it was my first choice, too.  The Glow Station is a unique glow-in-the-dark canvas that uses a special light wand to create illuminated art. The artist can draw either freehand or with the provided stencils. The wand snaps into its own little storage place on the top part of the canvas, and on the bottom there are little hangers that provide for more art organization.

Needless to say, we were excited to get playing.  So, I carefully opened up the box without any trouble, pulled out the large glow-in-the-dark canvas, and easily hung it on the wall in our dark hallway with a push pin.   After loading the little wand with AAA batteries, and removing the protective covering from the canvas, we started drawing.  It was that easy. 

And so. very. cool.

The crystal tip made it even more fun.  However, you’re not supposed to touch the crystal tip to the surface because of the danger of damaging the canvas.  I accidentally touched the surface of the canvas by accident many times but nothing bad happened.  I figure it would be hard to keep a kid from touching the surface with the crystal tip, but there didn’t seem to be any harm done when I did it.

And the stencils…
The stencils were a small drawback.  When we tried using the stencils we found it impossible to single out just one stencil on the stencil sheets.  Trying to use one stencil meant using all the stencils on that particular page.  And since the stencil sheets are plastic they would be harder to cut apart if we chose to do so.  But, you really don’t need the stencils to enjoy this art toy.  So this drawback wasn’t really all that big a deal for us. 

The drawings do fade after a little time, or can be erased by simply turning on the lights, allowing for even more drawing fun.  We found that typically, the glow art lasted about 1 minute.  If our hall had been darker I am sure the art would have stuck around a little bit longer.

Even with the stencil issue, it is still an awesome toy that allows for so much creative potential.  One I’m sure will get tons of use for a long time coming.

Gift #2 Color Me A Song_SM
After playing around with that we opened up the Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song.  This little portable drawing and music creation station features a pressure-sensitive board that matches a melody to the artist’s coloring pace.  Your little guy (or gal) can choose from 4 different musical instrument sounds; a drum, trumpet, piano or guitar, or all four!  It comes complete with batteries, triangle shaped crayons, and a few pieces of paper to draw on.  
After playing around with the Color Me A Song  for a little while we all agreed that it worked just as described.  I’m willing to bet that any young child would find this coloring toy stimulating.   

As a mom, I was pleased that it was simple and compact.  There aren’t a lot of pieces to loose or get broken and the little slide out tray on the side houses the drawing supplies.  It’s super easy to grab on the go and makes a good anti-boredom tool.  

It was here that we stopped to get some ice cream.  All this fun was making us hungry.  Kait and I had vanilla.  The boys had strawberry.

It was good. Real good.

Gift #3:
Glow Dome_SM
And the last thing Crayola sent, and it ended up being our hands down favorite, was the Crayola Color Explosion Glow Dome.  This toy was so much fun! 
The Color Explosion Glow Dome is a moving, two-layered dome of light that you actually color directly on with special markers.  Create your scene and turn on the glow lights and glow-motion spin.  It’s cool enough with the lights on in the room, but in the dark it is fabulous!
The Glow Dome came with 6 markers, and two paper stencil sheets.  But, we didn’t use the stencil sheets – we had more fun creating our own art.  The markers stored nicely in the base of the dome, making this another mom-approved self contained toy.  I love self contained toys.  It makes it so easy to keep everything together and lessens the risk of loosing pieces. 

The toy came already put together – no real assembly was required except to install four AA batteries.  So, we were able to get to playin’ right away.

And, boy was it delightful to watch our art come alive!  3 of my kids and I sat around the glowing dome and doodled with the special markers for a few minutes.  Then, once we had sufficiently covered the clear plastic dome with art we started it spinning.  With the lights out this toy created a breathtaking sensation with my younger children.  My older kids thought it was “really cool!”

When we were finished we simply wiped the dome clean with a damp cloth.  It was very easy to get all the marks off.  Storing it is easy too.  Fully assembled it still fit right back into the same box it came out of.  Though, my kids would have been completely okay with putting it on their dresser and leaving it to glow all night long. 

We had so much fun trying out these awesome products and, thanks to Crayola, so can you!  One of my readers will be gifted with a Crayola Glow Dome, compliments of Crayola! 

A $33 value!

Here’s what you need to do to lock in your chance to win this awesome toy.

prizeypickIt is so easy to enter and there are 4 ways to win! You’re only required to enter using one method below to win, however, if you use all four methods you’ll have a better chance!

US address holders are welcome to enter per the rules below. Pay special attention to the closing date! You can enter 4 times by following the directions here by 11/19/2009. Everybody is welcome to enter – even if I ‘know’ you.

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To receive each entry you have to leave a separate comment for each of the 4 entries.

1 winner will be chosen on or around 11/20/2009.

We will announce it on the blog here. I’ll also email you if you’ve provided your email address. But, I can’t hang onto your winnings forever so make sure you check back!

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