My husband got home from work very late last night.  He parked his motorcycle, took off his helmet and other riding gear, and grabbed his stuff out of his saddle bags.  Then he hit the button to close the garage door and came inside.  Very normal.

It was the awful, metal crunching noise that followed that routine that was not normal.  I was sure one of our vehicles was being squashed somehow.  Did he not pull his bike in all the way?  Did I park the van too close to the door?

this is going to cost a lot of money…

As it turned out, our garage door was actually eating itself, and, thankfully, not one of our vehicles.

After a bit of inspection, my husband found that a hinge had broken on one side of the door making it impossible for the garage door to close more than half way, and because of that some bolts on the top of the door stripped out and pulled the other half of the door way out of position.

Then, in confused desparation, it wouldn’t stop trying to open and close itself, just compounding the situation.

I was hollaring at it, “Stop! Stop!” while Ryan was hollaring at me, “Stop, Stop!”

I  have no creative words to describe what the scene looked like – but the noise that woke up half our city last night sounded like a giant metal monster eating a little community of smaller, screaming metal monsters.

Have I told you before that this house is quirky?

There was a possibility that we might go to visit my sister, brother, and mother in SC today and tomorrow, depending on Ryan’s work schedule.

It appears that won’t be happening now.  The garage door is half open, falling freely on one side where the hinges are broken and the rollers are no longer in the track, and it’s stuck in that position.   Ryan put something under the falling side so it wouldn’t continue to fall and possibly injure somebody or something.

We’ll call our landlord today – but, although an extremely nice lady, we already know how slow the repair will be.  When our sink fell out it took almost a week to fix it.  When the washer flooded our house it took a week before they sent somebody to clean the carpets (oh the stench!).  And they never fixed our fridge.  After 3 weeks of fighting with it to keep our food cold my husband purchased the $130 part and fixed it himself.  That was over a month ago and we still haven’t seen the refund.

What an interesting life I’m living lately.  I really should be taking more pictures.

I’m content in all this.  But I still can’t help but think, “What next?”

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