It seems that my husband and I are cursed to only be able to produce little Links. I am not sure what the problem is, maybe it is the beans, or tortillas. Or maybe it is that stinking video game, Zelda.

Joseph is 8 and his whole life revolves around this little green character. He rarely gets to play video games – When I say rarely I mean like once or twice a month for maybe a half hour at a time. I think this might be why he pretends it so much. He made a costume and shield out of spare fabric and wood scraps and wears it every day.

What is it about this little elf-like creature that has him so obsessed? I never pretended to be Pac-Man or Donky Kong as a child. The thought never crossed my mind! Could you even imagine what that might have looked like? All little girls would pretend to be princesses and all little boys would pretend to be GI Joe’s. (For a while I pretended to be married to Joey Joe McIntyre ~ but that is an embarassing story for another day).

So, now Gabe(5) and Matthew(3) have started following suit. They are both wandering around the house saying “HUU” all the time while jumping or slicing through invisible villians with their swords. I now have the blessing of 3 little Links accompanying me.

Everywhere I go.


I am happy to see that they have such great imaginations and I am pleased that they are able to construct costumes and do woodwork to make shields, however, I am getting really tired of having Links at every turn. It is madness!

I remember once, quite few years back, that Joe actually cried when I told him that he wasn’t really Link. He was Joe, pretending to be Link. We had to explain this because of an incident with another child and he didn’t understand. When I asked why he was crying he said “I thought I really was Link”. At that moment I almost cried, myself, thinking that my child had some warped brain disease that caused him to confuse reality with pretend. A quick talk to some elementary educators relieved me of my concern. They said “no, it isn’t just Joe, all little boys are weird. Just be glad he isn’t pretending to be Cinderella”.

We are praying that Joe will grow out of this soon – and take his younger brothers with him. But, until then, we will just take pictures and video so we can laugh at him 20 years from now when he has his own wife with a little dude following her around doing the exact same thing.

Now, if only I possessed the talent to steer his imagination the way I wanted it to go and have him pretend to be somebody useful like, say, Emeril Lagasse.

I must go. I’ve gotta pry the Link suits off my sons’ and get them ready for church!

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