This is a re-post but it’s my brother’s and sister’s birthday again and I just couldn’t resist.

My brother and sister were born when I was just 17 months old. Not old enough to understand what a toilet was for, but definitely old enough to know that these two monsters were going to destroy the little world of selfish power I had been working so hard to build. And they were cute. Too cute for their own good. It was always the twins this, the twins that.  I would have packed my bags and run away had I been able to reach the door knob but I couldn’t so I was trapped.
But then the two rugrats grew on me (a little) and I realized that having another girl around wasn’t so bad and the boy made for an excellent scape goat. I got really good at saying, That boy did it.

I don’t really remember any of this exactly, but I imagine that it’s probably what went through my head based on evidence found in old(er) pictures.


My brother, Matt, was completely over-dramatic about everything. Really. He would fall down and pretend like you had broken 2/3 of the bones in his body if you even looked like you were maybe thinking about pushing him. Yeah, he was that kid. He was also a big mouth and completely asked for it.  And yellow “frightened” his eyes, whatever that means, so he always got the blue cup. The blue cup that I wanted.

And my sister, sweet Carrie, used her freckles and dimples to fool most everybody but me in to thinking she was an angel sent from heaven to delight each and every person she came into contact with. But she stuck her tongue out at me and told on me for EVERY LITTLE THING, including putting an extra teaspoon of sugar on my cereal in the morning like she didn’t do the exact same thing. I think she had a plan from the start to make herself an only child.

Just look at her sly face. HELLO? How was I the only one that knew? But a picture speaks a thousand words and if you look closely you’ll see that my brother’s and my faces are blurry. Carrie was already trying to erase us.

This is how I wish a happy birthday to people who tormented my childhood. So happy birthday Dramatic and Sly. Glad to see you’ve grown up. And I’m glad your antics didn’t send me to the loony-bin in the process.

Also, I made you each a cake so just go ahead and stop by sometime today to pick yours up.

Seriously though, I love you both tons. I miss that we don’t get to hang out like we used to when we were younger but I still value my relationship with you both more than you know. I hope you both had a great birthday and look forward to seeing you in November.

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