Yiyiyi! – the bunk room.

This particular room is my biggest pet peave.  The room with the most people living in it.  The room with the LEGOs.

The room my 4 oldest boys share. 12, 10, 7, & 5.

I had the 2 younger boys go clean up this room this morning.  So, this is what they think of when they imagine ‘clean’.  I’d be embarrassed to even post the before pictures but, even though the before room was bad, it wasn’t near how bad it used to be after they ‘cleaned’ it before I started minimizing.

So, here it is.

4 boys means a lot of clothes – And I’m against dressers for my own odd personal reasons so their clothes are not stored in the dresser in the picture.  It’s all toys, LEGO magazines, papers, rock collections, dress up superhero stuff, nerf guns, etc…  Just about all their toys except for the LEGOs reside in the dresser drawers.  The rule is they can keep anything they want as long as they can store it neatly.  This allows them the freedom to keep things I would deem junk, but also allows me to tear through there tossing stuff when the thing gets unruly.

It’s working out well for both the boys and me.  I went through them today and trashed a lot, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I usually need to do, and only took about 1/4 the time it usually takes for me to go through their toys.

Their clothes are actually stored in plastic bins.  We went to this system about 2 years ago and I love it.  However, they still get a bit unruly, as you can see from the picture. 

There was a lot of work to be done – and a lot of stuff to get rid of.

Two plastic bins of garage sale stuff later (most of it came out of the closet):

Since we’re now hanging our shirts out to dry on hangers, then just bringing them in and putting them directly into the closet that way, I noticed that the bins we were using were way too big for just their shorts and pants.  So, I got rid of 4 big bins and went with 2 smaller bins we already had.  The 2 oldest share one and the two youngest share the other.  Then there is a smaller bin for belts, socks, and underwear.

I went through all the clothing and bedding and discarded anything ripped, and put stuff we don’t wear or use in the garage sale pile.

There is a lot more stuff in the garage sale pile now.  Seriously.

My daughter said, “Mom, didn’t you just go through all the boys’ clothes just a few weeks ago?”

I had.  But I guess I missed a lot.  I also get better every time I de-clutter.

Here is final after vacuum view.

The rule with the LEGOs is that current projects must stay on the LEGO table.  Not on the floor, not on the dresser.  The blue bucket is also filled with LEGO pieces.  They actually do pretty good with this rule because one time I went in and tossed every last LEGO piece into the blue bucket.  It was a consequence they didn’t think I’d follow through with.  But they took me much more serious after that.  LEGO pieces are hard to find when they’re mixed in with 10,000 other LEGO pieces.

The top of the dresser houses Esther, Joe’s spotted lepard gecko, and the alarm clock.  Which is useless.  They set it for the wrong time – like 2am, then never wake up to it when it goes off.

And I hate the mismatched bedding.  Hate it.  My goal is to buy them all the same colored sheets with different colored, but same style comforters or quilts.  I’ve had this same goal for almost 2 years now though.  It just isn’t high enough on my list of spending priorities, I guess.

My oldest boy, Joe, loves it when I go in and get rid of junk.  He is my minimalist in the making with an appreciation for clear spaces.  I think if he had his own room it would be perfectly kept.  My 7 year old likes his room spotless, too, but I just don’t see him accomplishing that on a regular basis.  He’ll just need to marry a good woman, I guess.

I’m really happy with the finished bunk room. I think it looks pretty good for being shared by 4 young kids.

Tomorrow it’ll be Kait’s room.  She’ll be taking care of that on her own but I already warned her about before and after pictures. I’m sure it’ll be spotless by the morning.  She is no minimalist but she always keeps her stuff neat.  Rarely do I have to ask her twice to get her room picked up. 
It’ll be a good, “how to live a minimalist lifestyle when not everybody in your house is on board” post.

Maybe I’ll do the kids’ bathroom tomorrow instead of taking the day off. 
Shared by 7 people with just a small cupboard – this is where real minimalism kicks into high gear.

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