God Blesses us in so many ways. I was just telling my husband last night that I have been happier in my first decade as an adult than I ever was as a child (I didn’t reach adulthood until I was about 22 years old). I would never go back to childhood in a million years. It wasn’t horrible, but my life now is just so filled with joy.

Like the joy of Matchbox car foot puncture in the dead of night.

My kitchen looks more like a playroom than a place set aside for preparing food. There are more children’s objects on the floor of the kitchen at any given time than anywhere else in the house.
Why? Nobody plays in the kitchen. There isn’t a jungle gym in there. It is not bright and colorful to attract stray play things who are bored of being alone in their rightful places.

I have recently been enlightened after pondering the kitchen toy floor problem.

The answer is that quite often, what you will find in our kitchen is food and our children live to eat. You would think that they had only heard of and smelled food but never actually tasted it. When we sit down to meals they eat like mad, dish after dish, until there is no more (with the exception of Gabe, who eats a lot but does it ever so sllloooowwwwlllllyyyy).

Recently I have taken to paying more attention to the toy issue, sure that I would likely spy toys sneaking around corners then making their break for the kitchen before the cat sees them and attacks. What I was surprised to find is that it actually wasn’t the toys themselves that were the culprits.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. 
It turns out that when my kids smell food they run into the kitchen, toys dangling from their short, child sized arms. As soon as they spy food on the table their little hands open in glee and whatever they are holding falls crashing to the floor. This appears to be an instinctive reaction designed to preserve and prolong life because you can tell by the way they race to the table, sit there wiggling and waiting for the blessing to be said, that they are, in fact, on the verge of starvation.

It is so good to know that they have that instinctive reaction. They definitely got that one from me, for I am known to drop everything and run for coffee in the same child like fashion that my kids run for food. Speaking of coffee…

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