So I had this baby 12 days ago and she’s so squishy and cute and I love her very much.


It was the 17th day of a somewhat warmish October and I was what you would call overdue. A week overdue actually. All was normal in a house with 6 boys and 2 girls and there was running and laughing and joyful yelling, and none of it being done by me because I had been having lots of contractions for many days and nothing much was happening and I was a tad grumbly and very tired.

The previous night Rabbit had asked me what was going on with the baby and I sighed and told him there was no change and he should probably plan to go to work in the morning.  He did and worked a half day on Thursday.  I did a little school with the kids and then called and scheduled my midwife recommended, one week overdue stress test for the next day. I knew I wasn’t actually a week overdue because the way I had it calculated I wasn’t actually due until somewhere between the 13th and 15th, not the 10th like the magic 8 ball prediction wheel told the midwife, but I didn’t figure the test would hurt anything, and I was really hoping I’d have the baby before then anyway.

The day went on.

My contractions were totally bipolar, getting closer together, then further apart, then stopping all together for hours, then starting up again. I walked a lot during the contractions I was having because they hurt worse if I was sitting down, and I got texts from friends and family all day asking for news, of which I didn’t have any.  Even at 6pm I had nothing to tell my sister when she asked how things were going.  Yeah, I was having painful contractions, but it was no change from 5 days before.

I went upstairs when Rabbit and Kait (my oldest at 18) turned on a football game. It was about 8:20 pm I think and I wanted quiet and a hot shower. Rabbit texted me and asked if I was okay at about 8:45 and I told him I was fine, that the contractions were finally starting to get organized, and they were averaging 8 minutes apart. His response: Aw yeah.
I continued to walk the hallway upstairs during each contraction.  At about 9 I suddenly noticed a significant change, nothing really describable, just a feeling of urgency. I was having this baby at home, just like the last, and called the midwife to come rushing over at 9:10.

I remember being concerned at that moment that they wouldn’t get here in time, that I’d waited too long.  That I’d end up having this baby without any trained personnel present.  I asked Rabbit if he could deliver the baby if he had to and he said he could, but he was sure the midwives would get here in time. The older boys got busy getting the younger kids in bed while Kait and Rabbit started preparing for the midwives’ arrival.
They got to the gate at about 9:45 and because we live on a Navy base Rabbit had to go usher them past the gate guards on what was apparently the busiest night in the history of the front gate pass line.   It’s only a few minute drive to the gate but the line to get back on base was quite long.

It was while he was gone that I had my first urge to push, as small of an urge as it was, and my contractions were suddenly right on top of each other.  Through a contraction I warned Kait that she may want to prepare herself for the possibility that she may be catching her newest sibling because I was sure that Rabbit wouldn’t be back with the midwives in time.   Her very wide eyed response was, I think I’m going to go downstairs and have a snack or make some coffee or something.

She started manically texting Rabbit that he needed to get back home NOW.  I reminded her that she had seen every episode of “Call The Midwife” and she should be well prepared.  She reminded me that in one episode the girl delivered her own baby all by herself.

Sweet kid.

Seriously though, she had my back and I knew that even if Rabbit didn’t get back in time Kait would not leave my side.

Rabbit made it back here after what seemed like 3 hours but was probably more like 10 or 15 minutes.  Sharon, my midwife, administered my antibiotics, almost giving me penicillin by mistake.  I thought at the very last minute to double check that she had read that I was allergic and thank goodness I did.


Sharon checked me and I was close to 9 cm dilated.  Rabbit made jokes and fussed about aimlessly, as he tends to when I’m at the tail end of my labors.  I threw a pillow at him at one point but I can’t remember why now.

It wasn’t long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes before the contractions got crazy and it was really time to push and my water broke and a handful of pushes and less than 1o minutes later I was suddenly and thankfully not pregnant anymore.


Maggie was born at home at 10:58 pm on October 17th 2013 with a head of fairly thick black hair and dark skin.  She weighed 8 pounds 9 oz and 21 inches long.  She was not the normal wrinkly and blue color, but looked like a baby already a couple of days old immediately.


She’s obnoxiously good looking and very well mannered for one so young.  Everybody around here is completely smitten with her, even 2 year old Lucy, who is always asking to pet her.


My recovery is going well, as usual, and if you know me at all you know I’m so happy being at home after I have a baby rather than being in a lonely hospital room arguing with the nurse that I don’t need that IV in my arm and I can go to the bathroom by myself and STOP WAKING ME UP ALREADY.  Instead of spending the first three days after Maggie’s birth on an uncomfortable hospital mattress, I was able to snuggle with her in my own cozy bed with my own cozy pillow beside my own cozy husband.  It’s the sweetest way to enjoy this tiny new life.
A little nausea and lack of appetite are my biggest complaints.  I’m tired but that doesn’t seem to bother me all that much because it’s much easier to have a baby when you have a few teenagers in the house.  Good teenagers who are more than happy to help their mom out. One in particular who does not have to be bribed into holding this new baby.


I love my family.
Life is really good.



P.S. We have better pictures they’re just all on Kait’s super duper fantabulous camera and I haven’t had the energy to bug her enough to cause her to get them to me.

P.P.S.  Please don’t really pinch me.

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