In the last 15 months that Lanie has worn corrective lenses we have never had both of Lanie’s contacts missing at the same time and we’ve always been able to find them when they do fall out because I check her eyes frequently so we would always know where she probably lost one.  But on Monday we knew we might have a placement arriving and I slacked on checking her eyes just about all day because we were preparing and cleaning and stressing over a mattress and extra toothbrushes and should I run out and buy pajamas for a 5 year old boy I have never met or even seen?

I noticed that both of her contacts were missing while the social worker was here and my heart sank. I knew we would never find them both because I couldn’t tell anybody where to look.  I took care of the new toddler who was crying and Rabbit and the boys looked all over the house for a more than an hour. Rabbit found one but the other has been officially deemed gone forever.

Joe even sat in the bathtub and went through a bag of trash where I had emptied the dustpan after sweeping earlier in the day because he’s awesome.

These things are not cheap but thankfully Tricare is supposed to pay for contacts for aphakia.  They did last year but it really is hit or miss because aphakia the only reason they pay for contacts and a lot of times they don’t know that and it needs to be explained to them time and time again until suddenly they are like Oh, she is aphakic! Of course! As if I haven’t told them that 10 times on the phone already.

It is funny though because even though she’ll be fitted for a new pair, and hopefully a better size so they won’t fall out as much, I can’t stop looking for the one we lost. It has been 5 days and everywhere I walk in the house I am looking for it.

I feel like I’ll be compelled to look for lost contacts for the rest of my life.

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