One of my younger kids’ favorite activities is cutting construction paper with scissors and pasting the pieces together to create dinosaurs.  I don’t know why it’s specifically dinosaurs but it is always dinosaurs.

Yesterday, just after showing me yet another construction paper dinosaur Sam asked where I keep the pins and I said I love your dinosaurs but you are not pinning them all over my walls.

The kids seemed to respect my desire to not have 500 tiny holes in all of my walls. However, unbeknownst to me they had started brainstorming about other ways to hang their dinos.  Since I had earlier vetoed the tape everything to everything idea, they opted to just use paste.

Gabe (16): Mom, are you aware that there are a bunch of dinosaurs glued to the walls and doors all over the house?

Me: What do you mean?

Gabe: I mean that the little kids are making many dinosaurs and gluing them to the walls.

I was rocking a fussy baby at the time and I didn’t get any pictures before I had them remove the quickly drying creations and for that, I am sorely disappointed in myself. I guess you’ll just have to trust me when I say that it was for real a historically accurate portrayal of The Land Before Time up in here.

Today I’ve decided that we’ll be taking a break from cutting paper and gluing all the things so now the kids have turned off all the lights in the house and they are playing some sort of ninja/manhunt game with flashlights and Nerf guns because it’s storming outside. They’ve even roped Gabe into the game and that is helpful because he tends to be good at keeping things from getting too out of control.

I think I’ll just hide out in my room with Lanie while she naps.

It is too quiet though. Not sure if I should be worried or just keep hiding and hope for the best.

Edit: As soon as I hit publish there was a loud eruption of laughing and confused conversation so I think we’re all good here.

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