Every so often, usually this is a good 4 or 5 times a day, something goes missing in our house. Usually, it is a sock or slightly more significant, a shoe. Never a pair of anything, just one and they always disappear right before we have to rush off somewhere.

Today it was not a sock, nor a shoe, that had me looking all over. Today, it was about 5 freshly picked tomatoes that were in our tomato bin ~ I know this because tomatoes are my very favorite food. I have a tomato sandwich every morning for breakfast and yesterday we had quite a number of tomatoes in the bin on our counter, this morning there were none.

How curious.

I looked all over. Did one of the kids put them in the fridge for some reason? No. Did my daughter eat them last night while we were out? No. Were they trashed? A quick inspection of the kitchen trash told me the answer was no. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to get them out and eat them – or at least I wouldn’t tell you if I did. I just wanted to know if I should stop looking for them. I looked for a short while and then gave up, deciding that I had more pressing things to do.

Like reheat and drink the coffee I had poured an hour before.

I went on about my chores, picking up toys off the kitchen floor so Kaitlyn could sweep and mop. I thought about the fresh picked tomatoes a few times throughout my day and was baffled at what happened to them. Nobody knew. Not even a clue was left as to what happened to my beloved tomatoes – though we questioned the troops, save the 19 month old who would have nodded yes to anything we asked him.

It was just about time to start making dinner. I needed my dinner making caffine fuel so I grabbed the coffee pot and poured a fresh cup. I usually use a flavored, refrigerated creamer but I am running low and doing my best to conserve. Sugar and milk it was. I grabbed the milk out of the refrigerator and moved to our large sugar bowl. When I took off the lid and stuck my spoon in it hit something a little non-sugar like. I peered in to see what? Is that a tomato??? Sure enough, all of my tomatoes were snug in my sugar bowl.

Now this is curious.

Everybody in my family enjoys tomatoes except for Joe. He doesn’t like them so we never force him to eat them unless they are baked into what we are having ~ he doesn’t seem to mind them that way. So that rules out somebody hiding them so nobody will use them for dinner. We also have more tomatoes ripening in a friends garden across the street where we can pick them freely. So that rules out somebody hiding them so I won’t eat them all.
We question everybody again, hoping to find out what exactly happened – simply out of curiosity. Nobody was in trouble. I was actually finding the entire situation quite humerous. Once again they all were clueless. Of course we didn’t ask the baby. At 19 months old he couldn’t possibly have any idea how the tomatoes made their way into the sugar bowl.

The baby.

It suddenly dawned on me that I had found him earlier in the morning perched on a chair trying to flour his face. I looked at him again and it all became clear! The tomatoes were sitting in the bin, which resides right next to the flour bowl, which neighbors the sugar bowl.
We had figured it out! Ben, our sweet little monkey (much the climbing child), had put the tomatoes in the sugar bowl, put the lid back on it without spilling anything onto the counter, then opened the flour bowl and proceded to decorate himself.

And, with that, the tomato mystery was solved. Now, if I could only figure out where he stowed the match to my brand new, very expensive, Harley Davidson riding gloves. Perhaps we will never know. Or just perhaps it is sharing a jar with the rice!

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