You may recall that back in September I posted about a garden massacre. To briefly recap that story, Balfour Beatty, our military housing management company, had instructed their lawn guys to come pull weeds out of people’s personal gardens.  Nice idea except our lawn guys don’t know the difference between a weed and a plant, which had many people in the neighborhood complaining about suddenly missing flowers.

You would think that the people in charge would have learned from that oversight and would in turn be much more careful about how they would proceed when making future gardening decisions.

You would think.

We, and the rest of the neighborhood recently received notices that if we wanted we could request that housing take responsibility of our gardens and replace our mulch and whatnot. Since we are moving and we are planning to take most of the plants we purchased for this garden with us, we didn’t request this service. We figured that they could just spruce up the garden to their liking after we took off.

And then would you know it…  Friday Rabbit and I  noticed some holes in our garden and realized that housing had sent their garden demolish team to rip out all of our perennials!  ALL OF THEM. Except for one.

1 Caladium.
7 Crotons.
1 Geranium (they left the second geranium for some reason.)
2 Birds of paradise.


And this did not just happen to us.  Like last time, this was a neighborhood-wide event.

Do people not realize that some plants actually do look dead in the winter and you certainly shouldn’t be pulling up perennials because they’re probably just sleeping because that’s what perennials do!

These are paid landscapers, people.
Like in real money.

I would have pictures for you but I thought Kait had some when she didn’t and then the guys came and covered their tracks by filling our garden with new mulch (how sweet).  However, I still have the pictures and blog post from last time so I can prove that we did, in fact, have all the plants that were so recently murdered.

Our movers come in a week to pack us out.  It’s a 5 to 6 hour drive to our new duty station and our plan was to uproot our perennials and our 4 sago palms and take them with us when we drive over there this Friday to close on our new house.  We had been saving out some pots for this, and already have a number of plants in pots just waiting for the trip.  If housing does decide to replace them I’m not

I called housing and they took my “statement”.  At this point I’m just glad they didn’t steal away my Sagos because those are my most favorite plant babies and we’ve moved them with us 3 times now.

As much as I have loved this house, I am going to be very happy to not have to work with Balfour Beatty any longer.

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