So I’ve been working on a post off and on throughout the day today but I’m going to post this instead because holy cow I almost got hit by a big black pickup while on my run today.

On Purpose.

I mean, I didn’t purposely try to get hit by a truck, the driver saw me and made a grumpy face, and drove over toward me very slowly until I had no choice but to step completely off the road into the uneven slopey terrain. He had plenty of road around him but he chose to drive on the very edge with every intention of knocking me off the road, or hitting me.  And this isn’t the first time this has happened, you guys.

Why do some people hate runners so much?

I run in a 1980’s, oaky, middle class, residential neighborhood. While I would love to be able to run on a sidewalk, our HOA is absolutely deadset against them so I run and teach my kids to run on the left-hand side of the road where drivers can easily see us.  Most drivers in our area wave and smile because everybody likes to see kids outside these days but some people are just so grumpy about us.  One old guy many months ago stood in his driveway and shouted about why on earth I would be forcing my kids to run with me.

And there is the one guy that lets out his dog’s retractable leash all the way when he sees us and watches and laughs as we run 10 or more feet into the grass to keep from being accosted by his mutt.

I carry a zapper now.

Can somebody please let me in on the runner-hater’s reasons for trying to kill me with his truck?   Maybe I should start running with a billy club. One good dent…


But not really.

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