I’d like to note here that I wrote this on my phone.  I’ll hopefully edit it on my computer later but please excuse any wonkiness.

Today we had our 11th baby at exactly 41 weeks. She’s a perfect 8lbs 6oz and she’s just a smidgen under 22″ long.

Here is a quick rundown of how this most interesting birth went.

I had been having super painful contractions for the last four days that were averaging about 20 minutes apart, sometimes stalling for hours, and I was sure my pelvic bone was going to snap into a thousand pieces at any moment.

These were not my normal contractions.

We were planning a homebirth but this morning I was growing concerned and thought we may need to transfer to a hospital. Rabbit suggested we talk to the midwives first so off we went to that already schedule 12 noon appointment

Midwife said we could go in for an ultrasound but asked if she could check my cervix first so we would have all the information possible before making any decisions.  Low and behold I was 8cm dilated and we were all surprised because my contractons, while super painful, were never closer than 10 minutes and certainly not regular at all.

By the time we were leaving that appointment to race home and get ready to have a baby the contractions were becoming a regular 12 minutes apart for the first time and didn’t hurt nearly as bad.

The midwife said they would pick up their equipment and be right behind us. She did warn me that if my water broke Baby would probably be born very quickly after.  Rabbit tried to drive fast but calmly and we made it home within a half hour.  While he drove I texted Kait (our oldest) and told her it was about time but that my contractions were still far apart and we likely had a few more hours.

Hahaha. No.

While he got to work preparing the bed and vacuuming and whatnot, I shouted any progress to him from the bathroom because I had this constant urge to pee. I was glad to be home, glad to be in real labor, glad to know that today was the day.

15 minutes later.

My contractions were closing in.  8 minutes apart.   And my water broke.

I texted this news to my my midwife who responded with “Oh Lord”. I should have taken her response as a sign that things were about to get real but the contractions were still bearable, and 8 minutes apart, so I thought I had a couple hours to go.

Abd here is the part of the story where our baby just crawls on out.

About 20 minutes after my water broke I had a 2 minute long, very intense contraction and I knew right then that I’d be having this baby on the floor of my bathroom.

I hollered to my husband.

Me: The baby is coming right now and I need your help.

Rabbit (super calm): Okay, well the midwives aren’t here yet so let’s get you to the bed.

Me: No I mean the baby is coming NOW and you need to catch her!

Rabbit (still super calm as he gets to where he can catch her): okay, just tell me what you need me to do.

Me: Get a towel to put under me! (I was very concerned about the baby touching the bathmat and floor for some reason, even though it had been freshly cleaned.

Me, again: Catch her! Can you see her head?

Rabbit (STILL SO FLIPPIN CALM): Oh yes. She’s right there.

It took just 4 good pushes, on my hands and knees, on the floor in my bathroom.

And Indie Juliette was born. She slid into my husband’s arms, perfect and healthy at 1:42pm.

Rabbit bundled her into a towel and handed her to me and got to work gathering the suction thingy and other odds and ends.  We sorta cleaned her up as much as possible and waited for the midwives to arrive, they were still 20 minutes out.

Midwife-in-training got here about 10 minutes after Indie was born and she was so calm and reassuring. Then the midwives showed up another 10 minutes later and they went to work tending to Baby and me.

She is perfectly healthy and I am super tired but I feel great.

I’m in new baby heaven, people.

I’m sure there will be be more pictures to follow.

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