Shopping for a Christmas tree is one of those things that I would do the day before Thanksgiving if I could because Christmas Vacation has taught me that having a tree up while eating turkey and fixins with a bunch of people over is much more entertaining than not having one.  However, being that there are certain adult members of my family who are against having a tree in the house before December 1st because their inner grinch won’t allow fun that early in the year, I usually have to wait until we are a week or two into December before I get to decorate my own Douglas fir.

This year I only had to wait until December 2nd though.  It is tradition that Rabbit, Kait, and I head to Lowes to look for a Christmas tree, get out of the car and walk up to the tree lot in front, then without hesitation immediately leave and go to Home Depot’s tree tent, all the while being berated by Kait for not going to Home Depot first.  Then we walk around for 10 minutes and argue about what height, width, whether we should get a 2D tree…


…which was incredibly flat.  That pictures don’t do it’s squashedness justice but Kait felt sorry for it and suggested we take it home and maybe use it as a bed or something.

We didn’t.

We ended up adopting the one that Rabbit’s got in the background.  You can’t see the tree he’s holding but it was a little better than marginal and I wanted a taller tree than we normally get because we have a high ceiling where our tree goes and this one was 8 or 9 feet.  There was an absolutely perfect 12′ one I really wanted but we don’t have a stand to accommodate a tree of that height so this is the one we decorated last night.


I would like to point out that the ornaments Ben and I picked out at Target the other day, while inexpensive, were incredibly glittery.  I don’t do glitter.  At all.  I hate how it gets onto and into everything and there is no way to get rid of it.  Usually I deal with it at Christmas time because according to Lucy a Christmas tree’s primary job is to sparkle.  However, these ornaments have created such an over abundance of glitter that I don’t think we’ll be able to rid ourselves of it.  After trimming the tree last night it was as if a giant bag of sparkles had exploded in our living room.  And kitchen.  And dining room.

Lucy is not disappointed.

I do still need a tree topper for it.  All the ones I like are red and since we are doing a teal, turquoise, and silver themed tree this year a red topper just isn’t going to cut it.  I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find an appropriate topper.

Or we could just go with terrifying.


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