Yesterday was the first day of fall and do you know what that means in Florida?

Nothing. It means absolutely nothing.

A couple months ago I had committed to a first day of fall running challenge. This was a personal challenge that I had come up with myself and I decided that I would do it on the first day of fall because sometimes my brain tricks me into thinking things that aren’t really real like apples taste as good as doughnuts or my boys will definitely clean their bathroom without me having to remind them 3 times or fall will really happen on time in Florida this year.

Nope, nope, and definitely nope.

So I woke up and thought to myself, Self, you really don’t have to do this running challenge today. It’s not like anybody is holding you accountable. It isn’t a group effort or anything. Just go ahead and wait until it feels like fall.

Then I got my running shoes on and proceeded to head out the door to see how many 1 mile laps I could do until I couldn’t do another one. Sam(10) quickly grabbed his shoes and said he’d do a couple of those miles with me.

We ended up doing just over 5, only stopping for water. Sam stayed with me the whole time.  This is a full mile more than I have been able to run as an adult. And a full mile more than Sam has ever run.  And it was 90 degrees and hot and sweaty and I am pretty sure we could have run a couple more miles if it had been cooler.

And why is my auto-correct trying to change the word mile to the word mole?

Yesterday after I had finished running my Fitbit said I burned over a thousand calories and I felt compelled to replace those with something delicious and because it was the first day of fall I decided that I would make apple pie for dessert. I didn’t make your standard apple pie because I wanted it to be healthy so I made an almond flour crust, low sugar apple pie with actual green apples I bought from the store. It was good but it wasn’t great and I really just want a box of doughnuts now.

Today Matthew(14) and I will hit our 193rd day of streak running. And let me clarify – that’s running every single day, not running naked. There is an older lady around the corner that often sits out front in a lawn chair in her underwear. When we run by she smiles and waves and seems nice enough but I don’t want to be that person so I wear clothes.

Sam is on day 191.
Ben is on day 190.

Gabe, Rabbit, and Joe all started after us and are a few weeks behind.

I cannot believe how dedicated my kids have been to this. I cannot believe how dedicated have been to this.  I am definitely not the queen of follow through but here I am more than halfway through my 1-year streak challenge and I’m training for a nine mile run in February.

Who knew?

I gotta go take care of Lanie and get my run done and clean out my refrigerator.

Does anybody have a doughnut?

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