I opened the back sliding glass door for the dogs this morning and something caught my eye on the lower part of the door frame. Just below, and to my left was a small, round, spiny egg sack in an unorganized spider web.

I knew at first glance exactly what kind of baby spiders were tucked away in that ball. I didn’t even have to examine it, or turn to Google.
And then when I pointed it out to Kait she breathed a sarcastic, “Oh great.”

She knew exactly what it was, too.

This is the egg sack of a brown widow spider. 

Kait and I were the only ones who knew exactly what spider sack that was, which is odd because we’re the only gals in the family. However, Kait is the only one old enough to clearly remember our brown widow infestation when we lived in SC about 7 or 8 years ago. The little suckers were all over our enclosed back porch, in the kids toys, in high corners… We thought they were black widows at the time because the variety we had invading us was very dark in color and I had never before heard of a brown widow. We learned a lot about brown widows at that time.

And now I can spot and identify their egg sacks with a quickness.

It took us a little bit to find her,but I knew we had to for safety reasons.  My kids walk through this door a thousand times a day.  And after a bit of searching, Joe spotted her balled up in the corner of the door frame. Kait took pictures of her then she and Joe caught the big mama and put her in a jar. Actually, Joe fetched the jar and Kait wrangled the spider into it with a very short stick while I stood about 10 feet away and repeated, “Don’t get bit. Just Don’t get bit. Watch out!  Oh, dear God…  I don’t want to spend my weekend in the ER.”

The differences in the brown and black widow are pretty clear.  The black widow is a shiny black with a very red, pronounced hour glass on her front side.
The brown widow can range anywhere from almost white to almost black.  She has a more orange colored hour glass – which we saw clearly but weren’t able to get good pictures of, and has dark bands around her legs.  Ours even has pretty markings on the back of her abdomen.

Did I just say a spider was pretty?

I actually felt bad about the idea of bugging her.  Having 6 boys and a nature loving daughter is really messing with my head.

So, we now have a poisonous spider in a jar, along with her egg sack.  And her name is Roxanne.

Yes, they named her.

Something seems very wrong with this.

At least I got them to move the jar off of my kitchen table.  Roxy has been banished, jar and all, to the out-of-doors.

This isn’t one of those indoor type pets, if you know what I mean.

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