Fruitful Vine MidwiferyTurns out we fit in well with crazy.

A few years ago I had it in my mind that people who used midwives instead of doctors were a little odd.  And people who had their babies at home were all crazy.

Right now I’m waiting at my midwife’s office for my 36 week appointment. We’ll be having this 8th baby at home here in the next month or so.

I figured I’d give you a little bit of info on what we’re doing and why. You know, just in case you’re curious.
I actually don’t get all that much inquiry about it.  Probably because everybody we know has just assumed we’re crazy and that answers all questions.

They’re right, I’m sure.

But still.  I’m going to lay it all out for you anyway since some of you have asked about it in recent days.

Um… I’m no longer at my appointment.  I’m home, but barely.  Traffic is freakish and I’m sure half the drivers on the road today were out for blood.  My blood.

[here is where i kiss the ground and thank God for safe passage home]

We didn’t start off this pregnancy planning a home birth. Like I said, home birthers are were all nuts.

So, how did we find ourselves on the crazy train, you ask? Or maybe you didn’t ask.  Whatever.

When we moved to where we live now and were searching for an OB  for this current pregnancy, we could find not one OB doctor who would agree to give me a little leeway with the so called “rules”.  I wasn’t asking for anything illegal or insane, but none of the OBs would see me without me agreeing to all the so-called optionals. This has never been a problem before so I was really wowed that nobody would work with me.

One doctor, after me not allowing her to do a complete physical on me so she could know me well enough to deliver my baby safely (which were her exact words), had had it UPTOHERE with me and said, You may just want to think about having an unassisted home birth.  That’s the only way you’re going to get what you’re asking for without paying thousands of dollars.

She informed me that, really, my only option in this area was to follow the rules. Her rules. 

Oh. Really.

I thanked her kindly for her advice and promptly left her office.

When I got home I lamented to my dear husband that I was 21 weeks pregnant and without a doctor.  Thus started our search for a midwife.

Still not planning a home birth.
Still not sure a midwife would be the right way to go.
Still not sure about anything…

I met with Sharon.  We talked.  I asked questions. Turned out Tricare did cover the majority of her midwifery services (though that didn’t last long).  I told her we were interested in having our baby at her birthing center.  She gave me her personal information so my husband could call her with questions about a possible home birth – we’d be excellent candidates.

Suddenly I found myself really wanting to have this baby here at home. Though I doubted Ryan would be cool with it.

I talked with him about it, shared my new information and thoughts with a subdued attitude, and was surprised when a few days later he said, Okay.  Let’s just do this thing here.

Here meaning in our home.

And now you know how easily crazy can happen.

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